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IATA Airlines Financial Monitor - February 2013

IATA Economics - Released 7 March 2013

Key points from our full report on airline financial performance in January-February:

Airline share prices made no progress in February compared to January, but still outperformed the market despite the February surge in jet prices;

Financial markets are starting to recognize structural improvements in airlines financial performance;

Q4 profit results show a pause in the recent improvement, with the US and Europe making net losses;

Jet fuel prices have stayed well above $130/b, despite some easing over recent weeks, reflecting tighter market conditions;

Passenger markets continued the stronger trend seen at the end of 2012, supported by a further increase in business confidence.

Air freight markets were stable around a flat trend;

Airlines kept capacity growth down at slow rates, helped by slower growth of the in-service fleet;

As a result, passenger loads factors on domestic markets reached record levels, above 80%;
Passenger yields started to show renewed signs of improvement, with current levels up 1% on a year ago.

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