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AEA to address key passenger rights issues in the European Parliament

AEA Press Release 23 Sep.13

The association of european airlines to address key passenger rights issues in the european parliament

European policy-makers and airlines are working together to ensure that air passengers are entitled to have the best services when it comes to cancellation, delays or other inconveniences. The revision of the current legislation is now timely to ensure that passenger rights are coherent and practical.

The European Commission’s newly proposed measures to help air passengers obtain their rights in Europe are a step in the right direction, now it’s the European Parliament’s turn to voice its opinion. Tomorrow, the Association of European Airlines (AEA) together with Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Georges Bach, will organise a luncheon debate where Members of the European Parliament and airlines can gather to exchange their views on this key regulation.

“We believe that dialogue between politicians and the industry is essential to understand each other’s concerns and to find solutions in a coordinated manner” said Mr Athar Husain Khan, acting Secretary General of the AEA. “It is in the interest of AEA airlines to provide the highest quality of services and care for the benefit of their passengers. We welcome the constructive discussion with the European Parliament and we will voice our concerns. We want a final regulation that serves passengers’ interest in a reasonable way without putting extra burden on airlines.”

“I am glad to host this event where airlines can share their positions with Members of the European Parliament. We are aiming to conclude rules that confirm existing passenger rights and improve the legislation where it has proved unsatisfactory. There is a need for clarification for all the actors” said MEP Georges Bach.