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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol first Airport in Europe with full beacon coverage

Schiphol Group Pressrelease 2 Jul.15

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has installed nearly 2,000 beacons in the Terminal Building. Schiphol is Europe's first airport with beacons present in all public areas. In this way Schiphol aims to improve the digital services for its visitors.

Beacons are small transmitters that emit a Bluetooth signal. A modern smartphone can use this signal to determine the distance from the smartphone to a beacon. This enables mobile apps to offer location based, relevant information and advice to travelers and visitors. For example, displaying your location in the building, or the route to a gate. Or the automatic display of the digital boarding pass when approaching a check-in counter.

The airport has installed beacons in the departure halls, lounges, piers and luggage reclaim areas, as well as in the Plaza shopping mall and the World Trade Center corridor.

Schiphol Group CIO Albert van Veen: 'We have deployed beacons at Schiphol for all our partners. Airlines and other parties can use the beacons to develop new smart applications that will improve the passenger experience at the airport even further. This summer, the Schiphol app will offer new services based on location."

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