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Certa Legal

For website click www.certalegal.nl

Certa Legal offers a relevant and attractive range of professional legal services at very competitive conditions and pricing. We take this opportunity to further specify how the Certa Legal organisation would apply more added value to these services and for her clients.

Most important is our company mission of offering a full range of legal services, including legal advice and litigation, compliance and regulatory, international tax services, legal interim services, legal project- and contractmanagement, credit-management/debt-recovery. This wide variety of services can be implemented in a cost efficient and flexible way. The result is a well-tailored proposal to the client’s question and specific needs and a clear and specified financial arrangement. Being able to adjust the right level of expertise and experience to the specific question of case, Certa Legal can always offer very competitive pricing and conditions

Certa Legal considers this one-stop full service concept as the most important element of our innovative business model. We learned that this service concept is much appreciated in the market, resulting in a rapid and continious growth of Certa Legal since 2004. And towards a portfolio of approx. 3.000 clients in all branches of industry and government.

Certa Legal delivers her services with a motivated, dynamic team of legal professionals i.c. 28 lawyers / 40 legal officers / 15 staff . All our legal professionals are on the pay-roll of Certa Legal and have completed a university degree in law. Certa Legal invests on a regular basis in the further development of her most valuable asset: a motivated and qualified team of legal professionals.

Our international connections are well-developed, having our own legal & tax office in Curacao, with connections to the South American and Latin region. A strong network in the eastern europe / Baltic and Russian region, more specific for tax related matters via Certa Legal Tax. There are good connections with corresponding lawyers offices in the surrounding European countries.

In order to further enhance the quality and efficiency of our organisation we are in a continuous process of investing in information technology, aimed at supporting our legal intelligence, document processing and marketing information. We believe that a client- orentiented process starts with client-based information.

Certainly we have to mention our recent initiative : the Legal Service Center LSC. A entry-level, accessible and cost- efficient Service Desk for 1st- and 2nd line legal advice in a broad range of legal disciplines. Membership of the LSC is based on a very attractive monthly contribution.

Moreover, the LSC offers a range of fixed fee advisory and litigation services. The LSC is well-received as a innovative and transparant service. Feel free to have a look at www.legalservicecenter.nl

The LSC fits into the Certa Legal filosofy to stand out from the rest as a entepreneurial, innovative legal office, serving its clients ranging from a practical level (junior professionals) to high end legal advise on senior partner level. Always offered in tailor-made proposals or fixed fee arrangements.

Certa Legal B.V.
mr. Albert S. Oegema, Mr. Rogier Visser.
Keizersgracht 620
1017 ER Amsterdam
T: +31 20 718 9251
F: +31 20 718 9250
M: +31 65 537 8120
KvK: 34234624
W: www.certalegal.nl